12 - 13 June 2018

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Implementing E-invoicing in Asia: DHL case study

To learn about the implementation process involved in e-invoicing, we spoke with Ross Mackay, DHL’s Asia Pacific Head of Global Finance Services, winner of the 2014 SSON award for best finance transformation and driving force behind DHL’s e-invoicing journey.

Less Accounting More Process Knowledge More Data Driven The Future of Finance

In the face of widespread innovations in technology, automation, and an improved recognition of the value of business intelligence, it's impossible for today’s Finance teams to withstand the onslaught of the change that surrounds them.

Helping China's Shared Services Sector Step into the Future: Parts 1 and 2

In order to flourish, China’s shared services sector needs to transition from providing low cost services to high value solutions, however this transition will not be easy. It requires modernising the people, processes and technology that underpin the industry in order to perform more complex higher value tasks. To help, this 35 page ebook provides essential market intelligence, strategies and case studies from some of the world’s leading experts in the shared services sector.

财务工作的未来—— 更多利用流程知识和数据驱动,而非止于会计工作本身

面对财务管理科技以及自动化方面的广泛创新,加上财务从业人员对商业智能 (BI)价值的更全面的认知,目前的财务团队如果固步自封而不积极地应对周围的变化的冲击将会给团队带来无法承受的打击。下载这篇文章,了解斯伦贝谢的财务共享服务团队是如何推进共享服务转型,提高商业洞察能力从而为公司创造更多的价值。

Helping China's Shared Services Sector Step into the Future: Part 3

In part 3 of this guide we examine the technology implementation strategies China’s shared services must leverage to move up the value chain. This 24 page ebook provides essential advice and case studies covering data analytics, robotic process automation and how to get executive buy-in for your technology implementations. Click the link above to download.

国旅: FSSC的应用价值 | CITS: the Value of FSSC


China's Shared Services Journey Overcoming Challenges During the First Three Years

To support China’s emerging shared service centres, Shared Services and Outsourcing Network has created this thought provoking ebook in collaboration with KPMG, compiling the best advice and case studies from our global network of shared services practitioners. 

在亚洲区启用电子发票: DHL案例分享


助推中国共享服务迈向未来第三部分: 技术解决方案


助推中国共享服务迈向未来: 第一, 二部分






共享服务中心筹建及落地过程中的挑战及应对 | Challenges and Solutions in Planning & Launching Shared Serives


In this presentation, Head of Shared Services Centres in Cummins shared their common challenges they are facing in different stage. And the how to analyse all the sisutation in planning stage and how to work together with external vendor to achieve a succeesful shared service centre 

财务共享与信息自动化经验分享 | Finance Shared Services and Information Automation in Zhejiang Dahua Technologies


In this presentation, Wei Meizhong, CFO in Zhejiang Dahua Technologies shared their finance shared service model and the journey about their finance shared services. He also talked about difference between current main shared services modle and Zhejiang Dahua Technologies shared services model. 

通过整合人才管理系统打造领导力发展通道 | How to Build Leadership Development Chanel through Talent Management System


In this presentation, Human Resource Managment Director in Novartis shared the best practices and ideads in integrating talent management system in the company and how to build a successful talent management model.