主峰会第一天 - 2017年6月6日,星期二 | Main Conference Day One - Tuesday, 6 June 2017

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM 注册及早茶 | Morning Refreshment and Registration

9:00 AM - 9:20 AM 峰会主席开幕辞 | Opening Remarks from Chairperson

9:20 AM - 10:20 AM 中国国旅(CITS)案例分析:将共享服务作为工具而不是设为目标,推动企业流程标准化和财务转型的有力工具,而不是最终目标 | Case Study of China International Travel Service Limited (CITS): Driving Business Standardisation and Finance Transformation by Leveraging Shared Services as a Tool instead of Regarding it as the Goal

陈文龙 | Chen Wenlong, 总会计师 | Chief Accounting Officer, 中国国旅股份有限公司 | China International Travel Services Group

  • 实现了更加有效的集团化管控——通过平台自身的规范化、自动化把企业的管控要求融于业务流程之中,内控逐步变成每个员工的日常工作并形成习惯
  • 强大的平台化拓展能力,能够兼容内外不同业务系统的互联互通,双向业务及信息流动,能够为未来会计众包等业务创新提供开放的空间

通过信息系统的集成化和财务流程的全面化共享,实现 “实时报表,一键合并”

The finance shared services centre (FSSC) of CITS has been highly regarded by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission as one of the best practices in the industry. Key achievements include:

  • Achieving more effective group collective control - integrating corporate control into business processes through standardisation and automation of the platform and combining internal control with employees’ daily work so that it becomes habitual practice.
  • The shared services platform has strong expansion capability, accessible to both internal and external business systems, which facilities two way business and flow of information, and leaves room for businesses to adopt other innovative methods such as to outsource its accounting function.

It worth mentioning that such changes as ‘real-time financial statement in one click ’ and ‘integration of funds, accounting and financial statement’ have allowed many well-trained accounting professionals to be free from heavy workloads so that they could concentrate on the work of finance transformation.

Mr. Chen Wenlong has rich expertise in finance management and digitalization, who has been leading the transformation to FSSC for CITS since 2014 as the Chief Accounting Officer, realizing that 1,800 entities rolled out. He will share a detailed case study of the transformation journey.

  • Effective communication to gain strong support from senior management and business functions
  • Digitalising the finance processes to achieve full automation
  • Integrating people and interface from business side to shared services
  • End-to-end integration of information systems to achieve comprehensive transformation and real-time financial statement in one button
  • Next step of transformation – Customised report based on different roles and processes


陈文龙 | Chen Wenlong

总会计师 | Chief Accounting Officer
中国国旅股份有限公司 | China International Travel Services Group

10:20 AM - 10:50 AM 明确共享服务组织的价值定位导向,确保在搭建流程架构和设计员工职业发展路径设计方面上做出对应的正确决定选择 | Defining the Value Proposition of your Shared Services Organisations to Ensure the Right Decision on Process Structuring and Employee Career Path Design

李家宏 | Li Jiahong, 亚太区首席财务官 | CFO Asia Pacific, 瓦里安医疗系统公司 | Varian Medical Systems
Driving a clear value proposition from top down at the planning and launching stage
Beyond slogan – Carrying out the value with corresponding operation standards and activities
Designing the career path of SSC talent matching the value


李家宏 | Li Jiahong

亚太区首席财务官 | CFO Asia Pacific
瓦里安医疗系统公司 | Varian Medical Systems

10:50 AM - NaN:NaN AM 上午茶歇及自由交流 | Morning Refreshment and Networking Break

流程标准化&变革管理 | Process Standardisation & Change Management

11:20 AM - 12:00 PM 国家开发银行财务共享案例分析:制定完善的转型和流程梳理计划,并与所有利益攸关方达成共识 – 保证高效的变革转型管理以最大化的减少转型对各个单位的影响 | Case Study of FSSC at China Development Bank: Developing a Sound Transformation and Process Standardisation Plan and Reaching Consensus with all Stakeholders-Ensuring Highly Efficient Change Management to Minimize the Impact of Transformation on Each Unit

张屹 | Zhang Yi, 副处长 | Deputy Director, General Management Division Financial Shared Services Centre, 国家开发银行 | China Development Bank
Effectively communicating on the needs and benefits of finance transformation and shared services during the planning and launching stage to reach a consensus with different units
Identifying and considering the tangible and intangible costs and benefits that shared service will bring to ensure a sound plan from get-go
Setting up corresponding assessment and performance indicators in all units involved in the transformation
Maintaining regular face to face communication and other communication channels with units of all levels to ensure service delivery consistency
Case Study: How to utilize the shared service model to minimize the impact on finance processes and operations caused by the transformation from Business Tax to Value Added Tax?


张屹 | Zhang Yi

副处长 | Deputy Director, General Management Division Financial Shared Services Centre
国家开发银行 | China Development Bank

12:00 PM - 12:40 PM 专题小组讨论:将中国的大型国有企业(SOEs)/私营企业(POV)如何高效地转型至共享服务和外包模式 | Panel Discussion: Transforming a Large-scale State owned Enterprises (SOEs)/Privately owned Ventures (POVs) in China to Shared Services & Outsourcing Model

田茂永 | Tian Maoyong, 出版人 | Publisher, 首席财务官(共享服务季刊)| CFO World (Shared Services Edition) 张鹏飞 | Zhang Pengfei, 集团人力资源共享服务运营总监 | Operational Director of Group HR Shared Services, 海航集团 | Hainan Airlines 梅敬群 | Mei Jingqun, 总部共享中心执行负责人 | Head of Group Shared Services Centre, 中国石化集团 | Sinopec Group
Persevering with the transformation from top down despite objections from some entities and no obvious benefits can been shown in a short time
Ensuring proper documentation for easier acceptance and agreement with different stakeholders
Seeking common ground while reserving difference when implementing traditional SS&O model for China local SOEs/POVs
Ensuring continuous improvement to refine the service delivery


张鹏飞 | Zhang Pengfei

集团人力资源共享服务运营总监 | Operational Director of Group HR Shared Services
海航集团 | Hainan Airlines

梅敬群 | Mei Jingqun

总部共享中心执行负责人 | Head of Group Shared Services Centre
中国石化集团 | Sinopec Group

田茂永 | Tian Maoyong

出版人 | Publisher
首席财务官(共享服务季刊)| CFO World (Shared Services Edition)

12:40 PM - 1:40 PM 午餐及自由交流 | Lunch and Networking Break

1:40 PM - 2:20 PM 蒙牛财务共享筹备与建立案例分析:推进信息化建设,实现集资金管理和会计核算为一体的财务共享平台 | Case Study of Mengniu FSSC: Pushing Information Construction to Establish the Finance Shared Services Integrating Cash and Accounting Management

肖梅 | Xiao Mei, 财务共享服务中心总监 | Head of Finance Shared Services Centre, 蒙牛集团 | Mengniu Dairy Group
➢ Driving changes in organisation structure, process, people and system to plan and launch the first FSSC in China’s Dairy Industry in 7 months
➢ Making a careful and comprehensive plan but implementing the changes step by step to standard 33 accounting units and involving 49 entities
➢ stablishing digitalized KPI in SSC team with 200+ employees to ensure efficient and effective operations
➢ ackling the challenges of employee deployment among different areas to ensure the best staff arrangement

Irene is a seasoned finance professional. Playing several roles in finance management since she joined Mengniu group in 2003, she also has rich expertise in project and team management. As the project manger, she led the team to launch the first FSSC in China’s Dairy industry with no relevant experience from the industry. The achievements so far are impressive – 20% improvement in overall working efficiency, 70% improvement in efficiency of payment process, 20.6% improvement in personnel effectiveness and a 20% improvement in the centre’s operational efficiency is expected in the coming 3 years.


肖梅 | Xiao Mei

财务共享服务中心总监 | Head of Finance Shared Services Centre
蒙牛集团 | Mengniu Dairy Group

人才管理 | Talent Management

2:20 PM - NaN:NaN AM 设计最佳的人才架构和招聘策略确保共享中心的人才储备 | Preparing your Talent Pipeline with a Smart Talent Structure and Talent Acquisition Strategy

Krisztina Beer, 亚洲人力资源服务交付总监 | Head HR Services Delivery, 索尼 | SONY
➢ Strategically locating the talent acquisition source for better pipeline preparation
➢ Besides SOPs, what should be included in the trainings for junior employees?
➢ Maintaining a smart talent structure through a healthy ratio of intern vs. full-time employee and the ideal length of an internship program


Krisztina Beer

亚洲人力资源服务交付总监 | Head HR Services Delivery
索尼 | SONY

2:50 PM - NaN:NaN AM 下午茶歇与互动交流 | Afternoon Refreshment and Networking

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM 财务就是IT | How IT is Disrupting Financial Management and Finance Talent Management?

郭奕 | Guo Yi, 全球财务云副总监 | Deputy Director of Financial Cloud, 中兴通讯 | ZTE
➢ Building global financial management framework by transforming talent with the view of business strategy under shared services model
➢ Developing talent to expertise of the area through process re-engineering and standardisation
➢ Transforming finance talent being capable to support business objective with communication, IT and other necessary skills


郭奕 | Guo Yi

全球财务云副总监 | Deputy Director of Financial Cloud
中兴通讯 | ZTE

战略外包 | Strategic Outsourcing

➢ How to determine the capability and feasibility of outsourcing vendors
➢ Overcoming challenges in the loss of company’s process knowledge when engaging a third party
➢ Ensuring a clear-cut division of responsibility with your outsourcing partners to ensure working effectiveness
➢ Aligning internal stakeholders’ requirements and expectations with your business’s and BPO’s priorities


徐庆东 | Robin Xu

中国及东北亚区财务服务总监 | Head of CBS Accounting Services China&Northeast Asia
康明斯业务服务部 | Cummins Business Services

郭奕 | Guo Yi

全球财务云副总监 | Deputy Director of Financial Cloud
中兴通讯 | ZTE

田茂永 | Tian Maoyong

出版人 | Publisher
首席财务官(共享服务季刊)| CFO World (Shared Services Edition)

4:40 PM - 5:00 PM 峰会主席致闭幕词 | Closing Remarks from the Chairperson

5:00 PM - 5:00 PM 峰会第一天结束 | End of Main Conference Day One